Laura Daniels Acupuncture


"I was referred to Laura Daniels for acupuncture several years ago by my rehabilitation doctor to help with my spasticity (primarily in legs & hands) and pain (in legs) related to my spinal cord injury.  My doctor told me she was good with treating neurological conditions such as MS and spinal cord injuries.  At the beginning of the first session, my hands were in a tight fists from spasticity.  By the end of that very first treatment, I could open my hand with ease.   Within a few sessions, I had forgotten about my leg pain that had been keeping me sleep deprived.   In addition to helping me with the spasticity and pain, I find that her treatment also benefits some of my GI issues and gives me overall relaxation.   I love going to her treatments because it puts me in a state of relaxation as though I've had a massage.   The treatments are so relaxing that they put me to sleep.  I find Laura to be extremely knowledgeable, always upbeat, pleasant and eager to help.  I have recommended her to several friends over the years.  Due to the nature of my spinal cord injury, I do go back to Laura sporadically.  There is no doubt in my mind that her treatment helps me.   I'm grateful to her for all that she has done to help me."
Auberta J.



"I can walk today because of the treatments I received from Laura Daniels. With 2 burst disks, the outlook was going to be surgery to fuse the vertebrae. But through a series of rigorous treatments, I am able to use my left leg again. The benefits of ongoing treatment really show. I’m glad I stuck with them! In addition to the acupuncture treatments, Laura has so many other powerful modalities at her disposal; not the least of which are her thorough lifestyle and exercise suggestions. Laura Daniels is a consummate professional with an impressive range and depth of practice. I hold her work in the highest of regard."

Aaron D.


"My sessions with Laura are always the highlight of my week. From back pain to digestive issues, skin flare-ups to stress, Laura addresses it all. I leave feeling relaxed and well cared for. I highly recommend you make yourself an appointment for better overall health!"
Jen G.